Give a gift to a long-term care resident with Wini’s Wishlist

Moving into a long-term care setting is a major financial burden. Most residents are utilizing Medicaid to pay for their care, leaving them just $40 a month to purchase clothes, blankets, snacks, and other basics. A haircut might cost a resident their entire monthly allowance!

To help residents struggling to buy new underwear or keep their hair manageable, NHOA has launched Wini’s Wishlist in honor of Wini Yunker, a former central Kentucky Ombudsman. Wini served the long-term care residents of Jessamine County for more than 10 years. Her fearless spirit led her to Ukraine through the Peace Corps at 65, rappelling down the Blue Building at 79, and to the Ombudsman program until she was 84 years old.

Wini was dedicated to making sure the residents she served felt seen. She gave each resident a birthday card (on their birthday!) with a small gift. Her efforts made sure residents knew they were an important part of our community.

NHOA needs your help to keep Wini’s generous spirit alive. You can support Wini’s Wishlist in the following ways:

  1. Set up a monthly donation and your gift will be used to purchase these basic needs for residents, including clothes, haircuts, and more. Visit to create a recurring donation.
  2. Make a one-time donation and your donation will be used to purchase blankets, clothes, snacks, and services like haircuts. Visit to make your gift.
  3. Shop our Wini’s Wishlist Amazon page at and your gift will be delivered to NHOA’s office and sent to the residents who need it most.

For more information about Wini’s Wishlist, call Denise Wells at 859-277-9215.