April 2022 KY State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program E-Newsletter

Doing Good, Does You Good: Be an Advocate for Residents in Long-Term Care

Thousands of residents of long-term care (LTC) facilities in Kentucky depend on LTC ombudsmen to advocate for them. We need more LTC ombudsmen!  It may surprise you to learn that most LTC ombudsmen across the country are volunteers, and they perform incredibly important work.  They are ready and willing to help residents with any care concern, no matter how big or small.  There is no one else in long-term care doing what a LTC ombudsman does.  We have reached a critical point in Kentucky, and to keep the LTC Ombudsmen Program running effectively for all residents of long-term care in our state, we must find and train more volunteers to do this important and fulfilling work.

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